Cool kids wear EYCHÉ

By Bianca Pasqualini


There are a lot of truths within the fashion world that make it very hard to shop freely nowadays. If a garment is cheap, it means it is not eco-friendly; and if it is sustainable, it is most likely to be expensive. There is no in between.


This reality inspired us to make a difference and that’s when we founded EYCHÉ. We worked hard to take the best out of both worlds and combined them into our designs, in order to make sustainable and affordable children’s clothing.


Quality is one of the pillarstone of our brand: we design long lasting garments that look good and do good at the same time. The fast fashion industry is causing irreversible damage to our planet and our people, and we took a stand to be part of the solution, not the problem.


We know you are looking for sustainable, stylish and accessible fashion, and we’re here to make it happen.


Where it all starts


We design sustainable kids fashion that looks after the environment, but also your wallet. And that’s why we decided to team up with our supplier Earth Positive.


They provide us with ethically made garments made of 100% organic cotton. Earth Positive’s factories in India run on renewable energy generated from wind and solar power, which means they have achieved a carbon neutral manufacturing process.


Indeed, they’ve won the Inaugural Climate Week Award in 2011 and the Best Organic Textile Product Award in 2009. Earth Positive checks all the right boxes: it is ethically and sustainably sourced fashion made of organic cotton with a carbon neutral impact on the planet. 100% sustainable, 100% positive!


Working with them has allowed us to assure you that our tees are responsibly sourced and they are manufactured in Fair Trade working conditions. Transparency is another key element for us, so we welcome you to visit our supplier’s website for more information.


How to style our collection

Sustainable fashion never looked so good! Our kid’s designer collection has a timeless, modern approach that lives beyond fleeting trends. All our t-shirts can be styled for both day and night, as well as for formal and casual occasions.


A t-shirt is a wardrobe essential for all of us, but especially for kids. They are an everyday go-to option that can be worn all year around, no matter the weather outside. Our designs are fashionable and unisex because gender fashion is so outdated.


If you’re looking for ideas on how to match and style our debut collection, here are a few thoughts to get you inspired!


For summer days, think about matching our JAY t-shirt with a patterned colourful skirt. A pair of denim shorts are also a great alternative for that classy look, but it could also be breathable cotton shorts if it's too hot outside.



One of the great benefits about our JAY tee is its black&white color palette. It makes it very easy to style it with colourful and patterned garments for both summer and winter season. If you’re looking for a bold approach, then what about a full-white look? Opt for white joggers and a contrasting puffer jacket for a day out look.


Our JUNGLE t-shirt, on the other hand, is absolutely the main character. But opposite to what you might be thinking, it is very easy to match it with colourful items too. A pair of terracotta corduroy pants are the best companion for this tee. For a Fall/Winter look you can top off the outfit with a lumberjack shirt in matching shades. Cool kids only!

Jungle Co Ord 

Both the JAY and JUNGLE t-shirts are a perfect choice for a formal event. They can be paired with striped dress pants and lace up boots, as well as navy blue pants and leather dress shoes.


For a more feminine approach, a subtle, classic skirt (both mini or long) is a beautiful alternative. Add a pop of color with some sparkling jewelry and a pair of shiny ballerinas.


If it looks like it is going to get chilly, a knitted sweater tied around the shoulders gives that final sophisticated touch.


In order to achieve the ultimate streetwear look, the TIGER tee is a must. A monochrome black outfit is always the right choice: opt for black skinny jeans or a comfy pair of joggers. Add a pair of bright, fearless sneakers in yellow tones, for example, and you’re ready to go!

 Tiger Tee

Our ZEBRA tee has a dreamy kind of vibe. It’s perfect for a trendy night out look. You can opt for a basic pair of denims in blue or black shades, or you can also take a chance with colorful trousers in eye-catching tones like red, for example. Add a puffer or leather jacket for that edgy style, and finish the look with matching high-ankle sneakers.


As you can see, all our tee styles are amazing for both day and night, and for both casual and more formal events. Thanks to their versatile designs, it is very easy to make transitioning outfits throughout the day.


They are all regular fit and they have a standard sizing. If you’re in doubt about the measurements, you can check out our sizing specification section or contact us for further help.


Sustainable from beginning to end


Our commitment to sustainability is real and we did not leave any loose ends. We are constantly working to make our production process fully ethical and eco-friendly. Therefore, we partnered with manufacturers to come up with a sustainable packaging made out of recycled materials.


As you can see, we’re walking down the right path, but there is always room for improvement. We have achieved lots of our goals, but there are still plenty to come.

For example, we want to eliminate all plastics from our manufacturing process and we’re also working on a project that will enable you to extend the life cycle of our t-shirts even more!


We all have a long way to be 100% sustainable, but we’re getting there!