About Us

Our Reason Why we're Here

EYCHÉ was created in 2021 to make a stance- we want to take on the fashion industry. Global fashion is damaging our planet, and we want to be part of the solution.

Nowadays, garments are so cheap and accessible, and there's so much choice out there. You can buy this week's new look in a couple of clicks. The fashion industry is making more which means we are buying more, which creates a problem.

According to UN figures, the fashion industry is one of the main polluters (narrowly behind oil), and 21 Billion tonnes of textiles are thrown in landfills Every. Single. Year.

It’s even more astonishing that the average person throws away about 20% of their wardrobe within a year. Why’s that? Because not enough brands are making quality clothing. Most items in your wardrobe aren’t designed to last more than a few washes. This is also known as the Fast Fashion Model.

Constantly enticing customers in to buy the next weekly trend means that garments aren’t built to last, and are to be tossed away once the next in piece hits the shelves. This simply isn’t sustainable, and we are already seeing the consequences.

It’s our responsibility to make sure you get the best.

This is why at EYCHÉ, we want to promote sustainable fashion, but we don’t want to compromise what having great style means to people.

Let’s face it, how many times have you had to pay that little bit extra to buy the more ‘eco-frinedly’ version of a product? Or maybe have you decided to just buy those thrifted jeans to find out they weren’t the best fit for you? For brands, our products are what define us, and it’s up to us to deliver a sustainable product, that’s accessible and looks good. Why should you have to do all the running round? Brands should be wanting to serve you!

So What Have we Done?

Here's a quick look at how we are tackling sustainable fashion

Let’s start with our core- our products. After carefully researching our supply chains, we chose some fantastic suppliers to help create our vision. For example, we decided to work with Earth Positive because they put sustainable fashion at the heart of what they do. Our tee’s are made with 100% organic cotton, workers producing the garments are treated well and paid fairly, and the factories producing our goods are powered by 100% renewable energy! So now you can shop knowing you have made a difference, and didn’t have to compromise a thing!

We have also partnered with manufacturers who make our packaging out of recycled materials, so our whole supply chain is helping us achieve our goals.

Of course, there’s still work to do. We have achieved a lot, but we can always do better for you, and for our planet. That’s why we have set objectives like completely eliminating plastics from our production, and working on incentives to get our customers to extend the product lifecycles of our tee’s (stay tuned for this).

We want to show that there doesn’t need to be any compromise between shopping sustainably and being stylish, because you deserve more.

We don’t want to do this alone however, if you think we can do better, we’d love to hear from you!